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Lucifer effect for a post-democracy

Professor Phillip Zimbardo directed a social psychology experiment at Stanford University.

He was familiar with Asch's experiments on social complacency. Asch tested the strength of the group in people's decision making, as most people tend to imitate the majority.

This is especially real in these days of house arrest where most of them repeat without checking the need for social isolation, the quarantine of healthy individuals, the necessary euthanasia of the elderly or involuntary diagnosis and treatment.

No one has these facts, but most usually repeat over and over what the majority "says".

He was also aware of Stanley Milgram's experiments on obedience to authority.

Milgram found that 80% of the population lacks the psychological and moral resources to resist an order or instruction from authority and that it matters little what kind of order or instruction.

Eighty per cent of people will blindly obey instructions from authority, even if they involve house arrest, euthanasia, gratuitous violence, or murder. We are seeing that these days of confinement.

Only 20% of people have the capacity to be critical of power and disobey tyrannical instructions to varying degrees.

Zimbardo wanted to go further.

What is it that makes a reasonable person to turn into a monster and blindly obey orders?

What does it take to turn a person into a monster?

To investigate this topic, he designed an experiment at Stanford University and built a prison in the basement.

He put an ad in the newspaper to recruit volunteers.

At random, half would play jailers and half would play prisoners.

Everyone knew it was an experiment, and everyone knew that the people in that prison--prisoners and jailers--were volunteering for an experiment.

The experiment would last 15 days in which there would be no contact with the outside. As an initial premise, everyone charged for their participation in the experiment in advance and all had passed a medical examination before starting to check that they were in average, i.e. normal, health.

Physical violence - beating, burning, cutting - was forbidden.

Control of prisoners was to be achieved by imposing discipline and rules, as well as restrictions on fundamental rights and disciplinary corrections.

The prisoners were submissive, dependent, complacent, depressed, and passive, as Asch and Milgram had already observed.

The jailers were mean, sadistic, inflexible and petty, abusing their position to the fullest extent.

They all assumed their roles and behaved as "they thought they had to behave".

Some of the subjects showed signs of psychosis from day two.

The experiment had to be stopped on the sixth day because control of the situation was lost.


What do they intend to do with the confinement?

Far from being a health measure - the health instructions are minimal, contradictory and sometimes meaningless and unjustified - the measures are police and of absolute social control. The freedom of the press has been suspended and the few "dissenting" press is part of a scheme of "controlled dissidence".

Freedom of expression has been suspended with active censorship of Internet channels and threats of sanctions. Social ties and habits have been broken: citizens have been humanely and psychologically isolated:

- essential personnel or jailers

- non-essential personnel or prisoners

To understand this experiment we are in, three factors must be taken into account:

  • What do citizens bring to this situation? (they ask for control, they ask for protection, they ask for punishment)

  • What does the system get from citizens? (Justification for taking any action)

  • What is the system that creates and maintains this situation? (contradiction and chaos and fear)

  • And one last question: could a "holocaust" happen again today (-euthanasia, forced vaccination, involuntary microchipping, "execution" of "carriers", of fools or of useless people-)? (YES).

As in Milgram's experiment, population modelling is insidious, gradually increasing the level of control and sadism in phases.

What is unthinkable now, will gradually become possible and can later be realized.

Only five months ago the existence of involuntary active euthanasia in this country was unthinkable and a law was being worked on to "regulate" voluntary compassionate euthanasia. Today we see people over 75 being denied treatment and given an injection to end their lives.

This injection is not given by a politician, a jailer or a hitman, but by "trusted" health professionals.

Until very recently, the left had been a leading proponent of opposition to the gag rule and police abuse. But today we see that the gratuitous violence of the police and absurd fines with charges of disobedience, speedy trials and arrest and detention measures are applauded.A few months ago there was talk of the need to maintain judicial independence and the separation of powers, but today it is clear that neither exists.Everything, little by little. Milgram predicted in the 1970s that 80% would obey any kind of order - even kill.

The question is how to "build" the scenario.


STEP ONE: Override the responsibility.

Of all the atrocities that are being perpetrated, no one is going to take responsibility, because the decision-making is done in a pyramid fashion and at the top are political positions that no judge will condemn. Parliament, the functioning of the judiciary and the functions of the Ombudsman' and the Constitutional Court' have been suspended. No one is responsible and no one is going to be responsible for anything. We are in the middle of a purge' experiment and every man for himself by injecting two very intense fears: fear of a supposed virus and fear of the government. The population is not acting out of sadism or masochism but out of survival. Some believe that they will survive more easily by being sadistic with their neighbours and others by being submissive. We link all this to the "theory of moral hazard" - by Adam Smith and Kenneth Rice - which says that in the absence of consequences for our actions, we tend to be very careless.

STEP TWO: Dehumanizing people. Anonymize them. Reify them.

The important thing in life becomes "public health", "the state", "the general interest", "the economy", "population and epidemic control". People become a mere piece of a collective gear and not subjects of rights and obligations. The "essential workers" are given "official" protection and are only one piece of the cogwheel - they only obey orders and fulfill their obligation - and the "non-essential persons" deprived of all rights only have to obey. In order to mark out the roles further, a multitude of confusing, contradictory and humiliating instructions are issued. The jailer will feel satisfied by complying and forcing compliance and the prisoner will feel safe obeying.

  • 1. You can go to the supermarket to buy food, but you cannot buy other things - shoes, clothes, tools.

  • 2. You can go to buy tobacco - it's basic necessities - but you can't go outside to smoke.

  • 3. You can order a pizza from home, but you can only eat it at home.

  • 4. All citizens are suspects and possible polluters, except essential personnel. Essential personnel cannot infect anyone.

  • 5. People may not walk down the street together or gather for a chat, unless you are essential staff.

  • 6. Parties and mass gatherings are suspended, except at the door of a hospital and by essential staff for self-clapping.

  • 7. You must keep a minimum safety distance of 1 meter, or one and a half meters, or two meters, except if you are in a supermarket where distances are impossible because each shelf is less than two meters wide.

  • 8. There is a capacity control in the shops but not in the supermarkets.

  • 9. You can use the lift, even if it is a communal one and nobody cleans it between uses.

  • 10. You must use gloves and a mask even if they can transmit the disease to others through misuse. If you cough into your hand, you can spread the virus by hand. If you cough into your glove, we are saved.

  • 11. Washing your hands is enough to kill viruses, but your clothes should be washed at 60º.

  • 12. Shoes are best left outside the house, at the door. Masks and gloves can be put in the house and reused until they fall off.

  • 13. The virus dies with the sun and heat, but it needs to be fumigated in the streets with who knows what, but it only kills the coronavirus and doesn't kill anything else. These are selective fumigations...

  • 14. You can go shopping and not keep the safety distance or the reduction of capacity in a supermarket, but you cannot go to a religious service, a funeral or a demonstration, even if you comply with the rules of sanitary prudence. If you are a Muslim, you can get together and celebrate your holidays.

  • 15. You can't walk around, drive around in the countryside or on the beach.

  • 16. If you walk alone in the mountains, you are a public health hazard.

  • 17. If you swim in the sea, you can pose a risk to others.

  • 18. Preventing or treating the disease or symptoms with home, natural remedies or alternative therapies is not among your possibilities for public health reasons...

  • 19. There is no "approved" treatment you can take.

  • 20. Someone arbitrarily decides which activities are essential and which are not.

  • 21. You can sleep with your partner but you can't go out with her or ride in the same vehicle.

  • 22. Confinement rules are the same for small populations as for large populations, for areas of mass illness and for areas where there is almost no incidence.

  • 23. Inside the car you must keep a safe distance, unless you are essential personnel .

  • 24. You cannot travel outside the province.

  • 25. You can move 200 km in provinces like Burgos, but you cannot move almost 50 km in provinces like Vizcaya.

  • 26. You can have contact with more people in 1km in Madrid than in 50km in Zamora.

  • 27. Your nearest hospital, police station or court may be in another province, but the important thing is the territorial limits.

  • 28. Confinement is the same for symptomatic, asymptomatic and healthy people.

  • 29. Confinement is the same for very high-risk populations - the elderly - as for very low risk populations - children.

  • 30. No clinical test is required to diagnose a patient.

  • 31. Any presumption is evidence of illness or otherwise.

  • 32. The disease is caused by a virus that has not been isolated at source and is not identified in every case.

  • 33. The disease is transmitted through the air without the virus being isolated in any of the "pfluge" drops that we emit when we speak, breathe or cough.

  • 34. There is no real scientific evidence that masks are helpful.

  • 35. A new formula to end the pandemic is fumigation.

  • 36. No one explains what is being sprayed, how effective it is or what adverse effects it may have on the environment or people.

  • 37. Masks and gloves should be worn, even if there is no evidence that they are of any use, but the opposite is true.

  • 38. The mask and gloves become vectors for the spread of the disease.

  • 39. All physical exercise and walking is impossible, when they are hygienic measures that are positively beneficial.

  • 40. There will be a resurgence of the disease, without any data or experience to affirm this.

  • 41. The tests that are being used are neither reliable nor specific.

  • 42. The level of false positives and false negatives makes the tests useless.

  • 43. The only solution is a vaccine, although there is no data or experience of coronavirus vaccines in humans.

  • 44. Opaque philanthropic societies coordinate the creation and enforcement of the vaccine, without any oversight, control or transparency.

  • 45. It is very important to end the pandemic, although it is nowhere near the 120,000 deaths from cancer.

  • 46. Cancer did not motivate a single public health measure.

  • 47. It is very important to put an end to deaths despite the fact that 59,000 people in Spain die from direct, indirect, active and passive causes of tobacco.

  • 48. Tobacco and other environmental toxins do not motivate a single public health measure.

  • 49. There were no preventive measures, because the important thing was to treat the pandemic.

  • 50. Effective treatments do not exist and cannot be tested.

  • 51. All permitted treatment was in the hands of the Government.

  • 52. There were no alternatives. Patients could not stay at home and receive home care. They have to go to the hospital. Or not. It depends.

  • 53. In the hospital they are isolated from their families for public health reasons.

  • 54. The rights to informed consent are suspended.

  • 55. A system of involuntary active euthanasia is imposed on a eugenic basis.

  • 56. Burning of corpses without scientific reason and without the consent of patients and relatives.

  • 57. No tests, checks or autopsies are performed on the deceased.

  • 58. Involuntary experiments with various medications are carried out without following research protocols.

  • 59. The manufacture of respirators by inexperienced companies is advertised, encouraged and allowed in the knowledge that they can be fatal. Too much pressure, too little pressure or out-of-date frequencies can kill the patient, but that does not matter.

  • 60. The manufacture of masks by inexperienced companies using various materials is advertised, encouraged and permitted. The important thing is that they look like masks and not that they serve as an effective barrier.

  • 61. Genetically modified organisms are released to fight the pandemic without following basic and legal safety standards.

  • 62. The state of alert does not eliminate fundamental rights, but it cancels them out.

  • 63. This is a public health problem but instead of using the General Law on Public Health or the Organic Law on Special Measures in the Field of Public Health, a state of alert is decreed.

  • 64. Politicians who are incapable of governing by consensus, who have not been able to approve budgets since the summer of 2017, who have lied and corrupted in all kinds of business and who have parasitized justice, are going to save us.

  • 65. Involuntary, coercive internments are irregular and summary.

  • 66. Despite the fact that the parties did not agree on the most basic things, they had all reached consensus on destroying the country as a formula for combating the pandemic, without any political debate whatsoever.

  • 67. No party shows, discusses or amends a single official document - if any.

  • 68. Public health measures include involuntary diagnosis, confinement of asymptomatic persons, forced vaccination, along with such surprising measures as occupation of uninhabited dwellings, requisitioning of goods and materials, nationalization of enterprises...

  • 69. 69. The officials who have not put an end to cancer, AIDS, flu, waiting lists or pharmaceutical corruption, are going to save us.

  • 70. Confinement measures are working, but no one explains why in countries where there is no strict confinement or even any, there are no more infections and no more deaths.

  • 71. The elderly and nursing homes were being abandoned and deaths occurring outside the hospital were being criminally investigated.

  • 72. No deaths are investigated inside the hospital.

  • 73. False information and hoaxes must be controlled through censorship and harassment. No one accredits that official information is accurate.

  • 74. The media are funded by the Government.

  • 75. The media financed by the Government show the inconsistencies and dissonant news. The media disseminate news that tends to frighten people with the virus and with the Government.

  • 76. Impoverishing a country to the limit (20% more debt in three months, -120% of GDP-) is the new formula for combating pandemics.

  • 77. No one counts the "collateral" deaths caused by the state of alarm due to other untreated diseases, loss of opportunity, iatrogeny or suicide.

  • 78. Nobody counts the moral and mental damage caused by police measures, nervous breakdowns and involuntary psychiatric internment and treatment...

  • 79. ...

This accumulation of patent incongruities are shown by the media without any blush achieve two effects. The first is to maintain the tension between fear and hope, two fictitious and artificial feelings based on the 'evidence' seen on television.

These emotions tend to infantilize the population and make it easier for them to assume a concrete role -an essential authoritarian person, a non-essential submissive person-.

The second effect is to discover and humiliate all kinds of dissidence. It's difficult to keep your mouth shut with such stupidity: you get caught, and you're an "earthling", an "anti-vaccine". Whether you want to or not, you will have to comply with the stupid rules we impose. The world is then divided into four reified groups:

  • A) The submissive, obedient and compliant population.

  • B) That of the essential, authoritarian, balconazi, aggressive population.

  • C) The silent, prudent, cowardly, dissident population.

  • D) That of the clowns - martyrs that everyone laughs at and that everyone insults. Clowns serve to neutralize any response from other groups through "exemplary punishment".

STEP THREE: Social processes for taking action.

The anonymization of the group of essential people is fulfilled with the mask.

With the mask, there are eight times more possibilities to comply with atrocious instructions or even to kill.


What is it that makes essential people slide down the slide of abuse?

Acting without thinking. The moral critical spirit and the possibility of dialogue and disagreement have been curtailed. A hierarchical system of management has been installed where there are no working teams, no debate and no personalisation. This is a moral deficiency born from the moral relativism of materialism and utilitarianism. "what damage it can do".

  1. It dehumanizes others. The human being is objectified as one more element of society, without individual value. "it's a covid, it's asymptomatic"

  2. Anonymization of oneself. "I am an errand boy"

  3. Dissemination of responsibility. "Decisions are made from above, ordered by the Minister, sent by the Judge."

  4. Blind obedience to authority. "it's the Law" "the rules are to be followed"

  5. Social conformity. "if we all obey and do the same, no one can do anything different, I am one more, we are the majority".

  6. Trivialization of evil. Passive tolerance of evil. Inaction, indifference. "if what is done was a crime, it wouldn't happen."

STEP FOUR: empowering people without controlling or demanding accountability.

Management and accountability have been centralized. The aim is that the essential people act with impunity, generating discontent, tension, chaos and terror.All this makes me think that what they are really generating is a situation in which an absolutely totalitarian state is produced through fear, violence and economic ruin.The population enters into an "agentical state".

The agentic state is a kind of cognitive trance by which we cannot escape our own role. The dissonance between reality and self-deception is resolved by taking the latter's side and embracing authority.We are talking about a "new normality" a "post-democracy".

The germ of totalitarianism has just sprouted, carefully watered and fertilized during decades in which that seed -statism- infected:


We are talking about a "new normality" a "post-democracy".

The germ of totalitarianism has just sprouted, carefully watered and fertilized during decades in which that seed -statism- infected:

1. Health

2. Education and science.

3. Media and culture

4. Justice and institutions of control

5. Industry (food, medicine...) and basic supplies (electricity, water, gas, fuel, internet, telephone...)

6. Banking and insurance

7. Religious ideologies and beliefs

All of the above areas (seven heads and ten horns) are absolutely controlled by the Government through regulations and subsidies and operate outside of any kind of transparency and control. They are all managed by technical scientists with a priestly role.What is being pursued is a totalitarian technocratic society and for this it is necessary to build a scenario of chaos.

"Ordo ab Chaos" is the motto of the Masons... Lucifer effect for a post-democracy.

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Rosita Welcker
Rosita Welcker
Jun 12, 2020

Hoy lo que han hecho es un genocidio humano y todos creen que Dios no ve ni escucha y resulta hoy estoy aprendiendo mas y me uni a los patriotas para luchar por el mundo y no te dejes vacunar por nada , y solo cree en Dios el te dara las fuerzas necesarias para vencer el mal ! Yo lo sé y he encontrado gente maravillosa que lucha como yo contra el mal !

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