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We oppose any, and all, mandatory vaccinations that the government is seeking…

We don't want mandatory vaccinations for children…

We don't want mandatory vaccinations for the elderly…

We don't want mandatory vaccinations for Covid, or anything else….


👉🏽 By law, no one can be forced to receive a treatment or drug without being fully informed with honest information and prior informed consent. Informed consent requires transparency and truthful information to be made accessible to people, but this is not what happens in practice. The Ministry of Health actively denies the population true and real information about all the side effects that vaccines can have and therefore, without access to this information, informed consent is not possible. This is contrary to all bioethical principles.

👉🏽 Discriminating against, and stigmatizing, a person because of his or her medical choices, and denying him or her, for example, the right to come together, to work or to access education, is contrary to all rights, and directly violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the National European Data Protection Law. By these laws, it is completely illegal to be denied the right to work by refusing treatment for, for example, hypertension or cancer. It is also completely illegal to refuse medical services and not to honour someone’s civil rights when they choose to refuse vaccinations - this is a direct violation of fundamental human rights.

👉🏽 Implanting a microchip that controls a person's medical data, as if we were animals or livestock, violates people's dignity, their fundamental rights, including their right to data protection.

👉🏽 When the owner of the pharmaceutical company which claims to have the most advanced vaccination is the same as the company that wants to impose a microchip for world-wide control of the population, a clear undeclared conflict of interest is created. Additionally, a lack of total transparency in this situation proves that the only real benefit to anyone is the economic profit of these two-in-one companies.

👉🏽 Every drug and vaccine requires a process of safety testing which, in order to be carried out properly, requires years of work. A drug or vaccine, which comes onto the market with only one year's testing, has necessarily had to shorten and eliminate tests and safety standards, and is more than likely impossible to achieve. This invalidates any guarantee of safety. No one can be forced to receive a drug or vaccine, especially if there are no genuine guarantees of its safety.

👉🏽 It is not true that people who choose not to receive a vaccine are a risk to the people who choose to receive it. If the vaccine really works, the person who receives it is immunized, and exposure to the germ from whatever source poses no risk to him or her. And if the vaccine doesn't work, and the person doesn't get immunized, then unvaccinated people cannot be held responsible, but solely the vaccine itself can.


We defend the freedom of each human being to choose or not to choose a specific vaccination. In both cases, this information is private and must not be used for social stigmatisation or to undermine and threaten people's fundamental human and civil rights. We do not live in a dictatorship, where totalitarian laws are generated, but in a state of law.


Your data is only for our use. Its protection is guaranteed by us. We want you to feel safe submitting your information to us, so here is why we ask for it and how we guarantee its protection:

1. The server that holds the data is not in the EU, therefore, we are not subjected to any laws in this country to hand over your data at any time.

2. There is absolutely no trading or selling of data whatsoever and only we - the

Lawyer and his Assistant - in the law firm ever see or have access to the data.

3. We are legally obligated to take responsibility for verifying that the person signing is a real person for the signature to be viable, therefore we personally need real ID to make this verification and assurance to the authorities that the signatures are real.

4. Your telephone number will only be used if you include it and if you indicate that you want us to challenge your fine or if we cannot verify your ID.

5. The data submitted to the court is 100% anonymous. It is encrypted, digitised and anonymised. Your name and information will be given a digital mark as the only indicator.

6. At the end of the legal case, the data is completely destroyed.


Please complete all the boxes of the form marked with an asterisk (*).

When asked for your DNI or NIE: if you are a foreigner and do not have this number, enter your national document from your country or passport number.

When asked for the Province : choose a province in Spain where you live, holiday, visit or work

If you have any problems, keep trying, the lines may be saturated.

When you submit the form, it will go blank again. You will receive an email at the email address you have provided, with which will indicate that you have joined correctly. From then on, we will keep you informed of the development of this collective cause by email, and on this page.


This petition is sponsored by

Luis de Miguel Ortega

and the consumer association ACUS

We would love to hear your thoughts on this matter:

I know my data protection rights

I am happy for you to contact me by telephone if there is an issue with my information

I would like to be involved & help in the administration and/or legal action group

Filling in this form does not have any financial cost, nor does it imply payments in the future. Once we see the number of people subscribed and the donations received, we will assess the costs or make a proposal to all to help support the cost of these actions

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